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Not every problem needs an IT solution: IT solutions should only be developed and deployed where there is sufficient return on investment and when the IT systems will serve the people, the process and the eventual solution.

We know that IT efforts need to be aligned with business priorities because there are always more IT wants than IT resources to accomplish them.

• Do you have business problems that need a solution? We can help evaluate the problem, identify potential solutions and assist with implanting the change process.

• Do you have multiple IT applications doing similar functions? We can assess your current environment and develop a modernization roadmap to reduce redundancy.

• Are your projects struggling because of lack of staff buy-in? We can evaluate your organization’s attitude towards change and develop strategies to improve acceptance and adoption.

• Are IT projects lagging because IT staff are being bombarded with requests for other hot tasks? We can help you develop processes to prioritize your IT efforts.


We offer a range of IT consulting, planning, and program development to help streamline your business.

IT Portfolio assessment

We interview business leadership to identify pain points that need to be addressed and then assist in development of processes for empowering leadership to prioritize IT efforts.

• The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services was concerned that there were too many IT projects running simultaneously with insufficient resources to accomplish them all. We helped create processes to measure the relative impact and business alignment of IT projects and established a committee made up of the department’s leaders that would prioritize the existing and future projects.

• The Department of Veterans Affairs needed to create an IT portfolio process to release funds sequestered by Congress. We helped them establish processes for reviewing and monitoring active projects to ensure alignment with Congressional mandates.

IT System Integration

• Yukon Fuel staff needed to be able to answer customers’ questions regarding when their fuel and freight would arrive. We developed a web-based asset location display system integrated with the company’s freight management system enabling anyone in the company to answer customer questions.

• Secure Asset Reporting Services (SARS)clients needed a solution that would meet the International Maritime Organization (IMO) requirements for notifying authorities of hijacking at sea. We integrated equipment with satellite communicators and the SARS asset tracking system to create a service that would notify appropriate authorities visually on a web-based map/chart and by email.

• The Department of Defense needed a solution deployable on convoys in potentially hostile situations that could be used to alert commanders regarding the location and status of the convoy. We integrated satellite communicators into a compact briefcase system that combined with the SARS asset tracking system allowed commanders to see the location of the convoy and receive green (safe), yellow (danger), and red (send help) indications.

• Alaska Department of Health and Social Services needed to be able to answer legislative questions regarding the number of clients the Department served. We implemented a Master Data Management solution and a data cube integrating client data from multiple systems to enable department staff to not only answer how many clients the department served but also identify individuals and families that would benefit from a more holistic approach to service delivery.

IT Roadmap development

We develop prioritized plans for system modernization and retirement.

• Alaska Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) had numerous systems that contained client demographics that weren’t readily accessible across the enterprise and multiple systems that tracked case management for different programs. We developed a plan for which systems should be retained, which should be modified to support additional programs, and which should be retired once the other systems had been modified.

Areas of Expertise

Years of experience have honed our specialties to help your business thrive.

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